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Explore the refrigerating cabinets in our new virtual showroom

Energy efficiency and sustainable development

ALPFRIGO refrigerating cabinets are very energy efficient because they use green refrigerant gases such as R290, R600a and R744, which reduce the negative impact on the environment. ALPFRIGO also have a longer lifespan than competing products due to the use of green refrigerant gases and an advanced air circulation system (less maintenance costs, global waste reduction).

Innovation that impresses

What sets ALPFRIGO products apart from the competition is the long tradition of innovation, allowing our customers to provide their customers with services at the highest level.

The fruit of ALPFRIGO’s long-standing innovation is air circulation technology, which prevents the temperature from rising upon opening the door. The air moves from left to right and not from the rear to the front. The advanced features of our products also include:

● 100% replaceable monoblock cooling units,
● replaceable door heaters,
● innovative evaporation of water from under the condenser and
● an advanced way to connect the monoblock unit to our refrigeration unit.

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