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Temperature uniformity

When it comes to refrigeration equipment in laboratories, institutes, and the pharmaceutical industry, refrigeration reliability and temperature uniformity are key factors for adequacy. Dynamic cooling is therefore an indispensable feature of all refrigerators and freezers of the ALPFRIGO’s M line, which are intended for use in this field.

Safety and temperature control come first

The M-line refrigerators and freezers are equipped with a dynamic refrigerating cabinet, which ensures a small temperature gradient inside the refrigerator. They are equipped with an adjustable acoustic and high and low temperature visual alarm, which is triggered when the temperature exceeds the permissible range. The alarm delay and alarm temperature are also adjustable. The M line also has a visual and acoustic alarm in the event of longer open doors, the delay of which is also time adjustable.

All products of the M line are manufactured with an input for an external central control sensor, a converter for connection to the central recording system RS 485 and a voltage-free contact for connection to a remote alarm system.

In accordance with international standards

All M-line refrigerators and freezers are manufactured in accordance with EN 60068-3 to ensure the best possible temperature uniformity. Also, all CM – M line refrigerators are designed to operate in accordance with the requirements of DIN 58345.

Easy maintenance of a high level of hygiene

All materials used are suitable for the most demanding use in the laboratory and for periodic cleaning. The inner housing is made of AISI 304 2B stainless steel, which is suitable for cleaning with non-aggressive agents. The screen of the cabinet is protected with a self-adhesive foil, which protects it from dust and water, thus enabling easy carefree cleaning.

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