Refrigerating cabinets

Refrigeration and freezer units GN2/1

The GN2/1 refrigeration and freezer units belong to the group of heavy-duty, climate class 5 cabinets (40 °C, 40 % relative humidity). These refrigerators and freezers are designed for frequent opening and operation at high ambient temperatures.

GN2/1 refrigeration and freezer units have a wide range of applications, from restaurants, canteens, fast food chains, butchers and petrol stations offering food to supermarkets with their own preparation of fresh food.

GN2/1 is a gastronomic norm that prescribes a dimension of 650 × 530 mm, which is the dimension of shelves in cabinet. The cabinets are equipped with robust wire shelves with a load capacity of at least 60 kg per grid. The construction of the guides allows easy insertion of gastronomic pans GN1/1 or GN2/1 instead of GN2/1 shelves.

The GN2/1 refrigeration and freezer units are distinguished by fully automatic operation, allowing the user to use them carefree with 100% focus on culinary creation.

Refrigerating cabinets Q GN2/1

The Q line is developed for kitchens where a straight line of transition between cooling units and work counters is important. The Q line is compared to the 500 – 1100 line of receiving GN2/1 grills and GN2 /1 gastro dishes. The Q cabinets are designed for buildings with less depth. A convenient solution for smaller kitchens, prefabricated kitchens and “food truck” kitchens. All performance characteristics are exactly the same as the standard GN2/1 line.

Refrigerators without vertical divider

Refrigeration and freezer units without vertical divider is a unique solution for all those who are facing the storage of larger products above standard dimensions. It allows the storage of three bakery (butcher) crates EN1. With the innovative solution, the cabinet opens completely and thus enables a larger filling volume than standard double-door cabinets. The innovative air circulation of this product also enables the complete filling of all internal cabinet shelves. The shelves have a load capacity of 80 kg, are made of 1 mm thick perforated sheet metal and are adjustable in height. The robust housing is a well-insulated insulation chamber of 70 mm.

Refrigerating and freezing cabinets with a depth of 700 mm

Segment of cabinets developed for use in kitchens where a straight line of transition between elements (cabinets and cooling work counters) is important. The 500 1100 line accepts GN 1/1 containers, and the cabinets are also equipped with non-standard shelves measuring 530 x 550 mm. The 500-1100 line is also used for mobile food or prefabricated container kitchens.

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Other features


All our products come equipped with wheels. This allows the user to easily move the product around the room, making cleaning easier. It also makes it easier to service the product. The front two wheels are equipped with a brake to make the product easier to fix to the place of operation.

Stainless steel shelves

Most products have the option of replacing standard plasticised shelves with higher quality stainless steel shelves. These shelves have a longer lifespan and make cleaning easier.

Foot pedal

The foot pedal is a particularly popular addition to bakery cabinets, where customers deal with large EN 1 and EN 2 bakery trays. The foot pedal is optionally available on all cabinets and makes it easier to open the door, especially when inserting larger pieces into the cabinet. The foot pedal is made entirely of stainless steel material.

Replaceable monoblock cooling unit

Most cabinets have a replaceable monoblock cooling system, which can be completely replaced with a new one, even on older models.

Interchangeable sealing rubber

A very important feature of the cabinets is the easily replaceable three-compartment rubber, which enables good sealing of the cabinet and thus lower heat gains.

Rounded edges

The entire interior and exterior of the cabinet is perfected with elegantly rounded edges and corners allowing for easy cleaning.

Ergonomic handle

All products have an ergonomic handle that allows good grip and easy door opening in all conditions.

A wide variety of colours to choose from

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